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About Hang Kei

Hang Kei Stationery Company Limited is a specialty manufacturer of stationery products. Hang Kei was founded in 1989 based on the core values of creativity, integrity, loyalty, commitment to excellence. Today, the company is a pioneer in its field, a leading dry erase marker manufacturer in Hong Kong.

Location, facilities, & our team

Our facility is located in Longgang district, north-east of Shenzhen China. The 11,000 square-meter facility has production lines, as well a product design and R&D center that develops top-quality products for our many customers worldwide. We employ over 100 staff and produce over a million of stationery product a month.

Our products

Hang Kei offers a comprehensive range of professional stationery production services, ranging from traditional stationery products, eco-friendly products, new fashion products, to custom OEM design services.

1. Traditional stationery products – magnetic dry erase markers, fine point dry erase markers, ball pen, gel pen, felt pen, fluorescent pen, permanent marker, mechanical pen, scissors, eraser, and clips.

2. Eco-friendly products - recycled newspaper pencil and color pencil.

3. NEW Fashion products - liquid chalk marker, chromed pen, and transparent preformed bottle.

4. Custom OEM mold design and manufacturing services – high efficiency infrastructure design based on customer needs and requirement, in order to maximize the capacity and lower the cost.

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Hang Kei Stationery Company Limited - professional stationery, Magnetic dry erase markers, Chalk marker, felt pen, gel pen, ball pen, newspaper pencils and stationery accessories etc.